Every law firm wants smart, hard-working people. But the distance between job applicant and law firm lifer is only partially measured in brainpower and horsepower. The true measure of a successful career is whether you pursue what motivates you—what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and what keeps you working late into the night.

Our motivation is to build a new type of law firm. We practice total transparency: every attorney and staff member is entitled, and expected, to know everything about the Firm and its operations. We are a representative democracy: The Firm informs every attorney of major decisions, encourages them to voice their opinions, and ensures that partners take those opinions into account when voting. We don’t compromise our culture for revenue: your brilliance and your book of business mean nothing to us if you don’t want to build the same Firm we do. Most of all, the Firm follows two simple rules: Fit beats money, but trust beats fit. That means if a lawyer will make the Firm money but does not fit in with our team—or fits within our culture but breaks the Firm’s trust—he or she will have to work someplace else.

Through a tireless pursuit of our motivation, the Firm aims for three cultural goals. First, being a lawyer here will be hard, but fun. Thus, lawyers should be happier and more productive. Second, we want all lawyers to be stars at their positions. And no player can excel without putting the team first. Third, our lawyers approach client problems with a results-oriented efficiency—because that is how we operate our own business.

If our Firm’s work and culture interests you, please email Andy Ryan (andy@ryanlawpartners.com) with a resume, transcript, and writing sample. If we are accepting applications, we will let you know. If we’re not, we will keep your materials on file as we grow.