We offer full-spectrum investigations counseling to our clients, often partnering with other law firms as co-counsel.  We seamlessly integrate legal strategy considerations with investigative expertise in every case we handle.  We are employed as lawyers on every investigative matter we direct, bringing an attorney’s discipline to each case, maximizing the connection between the investigation and the client’s precise legal needs and ensuring that every assignment is executed to the highest possible ethical standards.  We are able to draw upon a global network of field investigators and contacts to assist in our matters, and our boutique size allows us to offer alternative fee pricing, including flat fee engagements where appropriate.  

Our investigative offerings include:

  • Internal Investigations
  • FCPA and Anti-Corruption
  • Sensitive International Assignments
  • Due Diligence
  • Witness Investigations
  • Digital Investigations
  • Compliance Reviews

For more information on our Investigations Practice, or to request a consultation, please contact Ryan Sparacino.