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Michael is an experienced attorney with a diverse background that enriches his legal practice. He obtained his undergraduate degree in agricultural economics from Texas A&M University, where he developed a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of economic principles. After college, Michael spent several years as a middle school teacher, honing his communication skills and ability to simplify complex concepts.

Following his teaching career, Michael transitioned to the legal field as a legal assistant at Withers & Withers, P.C. This experience exposed him to various practice areas, allowing him to develop valuable legal research skills and witness the transformative power of law in protecting individuals’ rights. Motivated by a desire to advocate for justice, Michael decided to pursue his legal education at the prestigious Texas Tech University School of Law.

At Texas Tech, Michael further refined his legal acumen and expanded his knowledge across different areas of law. He developed a strategic and meticulous approach to handling cases, always seeking the best possible outcomes for his clients. What sets Michael apart is his unique perspective, as he comes from a family with a rich legal heritage. As a third-generation attorney, he and his brothers proudly continue the legacy of upholding the principles of justice and providing outstanding legal representation.

With his diverse background, attentive listening skills, and commitment to personalized solutions, Michael is dedicated to serving our clients and guiding them through the complexities of the legal system. Whether it’s resolving disputes or protecting their rights, he works diligently to achieve favorable outcomes.

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